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Need to cut budgets and find 10-20% savings? Looking to reduce spending with immediate effect?

Do you know what you are spending on your energy bills for the hours when school is closed and you are not even there?

REDUCE YOUR USE helps colleges, academies and schools to analyse data from their energy meters to find out what they are using in the day and more importantly at night, weekends and holidays.

Did you know that in most schools 10-20% of energy use is needless? Finding waste and preventing it will slash 10-20% off your energy bills both this year and in future years too.

To find out more and to request your complimentary energy data analysis please call 07508 894442 or email Wendy Cheeseman at

The results of the complimentary data analysis will be presented to you in the form of a report and presentation. The information from this will form the basis of a simple action plan to cut costs with immediate effect.

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