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Energy Management Consultants



Wendy Cheeseman

Energy Management Consultant

Wendy is an Energy Management Consultant – and by that we mean she loves to help you cut your bills. Energy doesn’t have to be a fixed cost!

Wendy has had years of experience sniffing out needless energy consumption – AKA energy waste. She concentrates on keeping money in your pocket rather than giving it to the suppliers!

Whilst she helps many different organisations to be beacons of energy efficient behaviour, Wendy’s particular skills are working with academy schools and pupils aged 3-18. Have you ever tried to get 4 year olds to conduct an energy audit? She has and won the National Energy Efficiency Award in the process!

Wendy is our energy management ‘systems and process’ people person, as well as a commercial and school BREEAM assessor. Wendy talks the talk and walks the walk, visiting clients in her 100% electric car charged up from the office solar panels.

Hannah Chadwick

Office Manager

Hannah embodies the word organised. From dotting the ‘i’s and crossing the ‘t’s to proof reading and writing copy, she works to ensure that our reports are up to scratch and are clear and easy to understand.

A geography graduate with a local authority and business support background, Hannah has worked with many small business to help them to diversify, raise income and cut costs. Her favourite task is tuning in to the needs of each client to ensure that we deliver what you need.

Hannah is so organised that she was snapped up by the School PTA her life has never been the same since!

Hannah can usually be found poring over our energy reports in between tending her vegetable patch and racing around after her three daughters!

Mike Hepworth

Energy Management Consultant

What Mike doesn’t know about energy management wouldn’t cover a postage stamp!

Mike has 35 years energy management experience working with varied and diverse estates - all household names.

As a fully qualified Mechanical Engineer, Mike understands everything there is to know about building services (HVAC). He has, in the past, been responsible for energy procurement, bureau services and energy data analysis through to implementation of energy saving projects, employee engagement and awareness raising programmes and materials and legislative compliance from CRC to ESOS and all that went before.

His forte is finding unexpected consumption across your estate, however vast and diverse it may be. Mike is our technical person and was a key player for the Major Energy Users Council. Mike loves heating systems so much – he bought himself a greenhouse!